Michael Lonechild


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Michael Lonechild is one of Canada's most successful painters. His originals and prints consistently appreciate in value. He has been exhibiting successfully in galleries throughout Canada since the mid 1970's

Michael Lonechild, a Cree painter, was born in 1955 and raised on the Whitebear First Nation in southeastern Saskatchewan.
horsesofwhitebearreserve.jpg (64979 bytes)
Horses of the white bear reserve
Artist Proof   Ed: 25
$350.00 Canadian
$250.00 US

2 prints available

michaellonechild.jpg (39299 bytes)
Broken Down
matted and framed
Image size: 22 1/2 x 17
ancienthuntinggrounds.jpg (56802 bytes)1
  Ancient Hunting Grounds
Image    16 x 20
overall   20 x 24
brothersfinaljourney.jpg (41029 bytes)2
Brothers Final Journey
Image    13 x 19 3/4
overall    17 x 24
thepipecarrier.jpg (36589 bytes)3
The Pipe Carrier
Image    15 1/2 x 19 3/4
overall   19 1/2 x 24
Above is a set of three      2 sets Available     
Artist Proofs          Edition size  20       SET OF 3  $ 900.00   US 
returninghunters.jpg (69828 bytes)
Returning Hunters 
Size: 17 1/2 x 23 1/4
Canadian $180.00
US Funds $
returninghunters2.jpg (86982 bytes)
Returning Hunters 
close up
warponies.jpg (76269 bytes)
War Ponies
Size   12x16
 close up----->
Canadian $100.00
US Funds $
warponies2.jpg (85956 bytes)
cbuffalohunters.jpg (100675 bytes)
When we were buffalo hunters 
Size  15x22
Canadian $180.00
US Funds $
cgameon.jpg (93920 bytes)
Game On 
 Size 15x18 1/2
Canadian $180.00
US Funds $
cmedicinewheel.jpg (90427 bytes)
Halbrite Medicine Wheel
Not For Sale 
ccoldmorning.jpg (102721 bytes)
Cold Morning in White Bear
Canadian $150.00
US Funds $
cbuffalohunters2.jpg (61417 bytes)
Close up of:
When we were buffalo hunters
cgameon2.jpg (94228 bytes)
Close up of:
Game On
cmedicinewheel2.jpg (57999 bytes)
Close up of:
Halbrite Medicine Wheel
thepipecarrier.jpg (36589 bytes)
Pipe Carrier
Canadian $180.00
US Funds $
cnorthharcola.jpg (73425 bytes)
North Of Arcola
Size Image 12X16
Paper size  16x20
Canadian $100.00
US Funds $
chuntingelk.jpg (103863 bytes)
Hunting The Elk In Moose Mountain
Canadian $100.00
US Funds $
creflections.jpg (104273 bytes)
Reflections Of The Past
AP with Remarque
Not For Sale
creflectionsremarque.jpg (15373 bytes)
Reflections of the past
cnorthharcola2.jpg (78201 bytes) chuntingelk2.jpg (103536 bytes) creflections2.jpg (144914 bytes)
crene.jpg (65413 bytes)
My Son Rene
Size Image  12x16
Paper size   16x20
Canadian $100.00
US Funds $

creneelk.jpg (106913 bytes)
Close up
crenesleeping.jpg (64908 bytes)
Close up


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